A simple, stackable shelf for popular collectibles

A stackable shelf to display your collectibles.

The modular design allows you to stack Collectishelf vertically, or stack them like bricks and give yourself double the height underneath.

Stop relying on overpriced shelving or stacking collectibles on the boxes they came in.

• Fits vintage action figures, Funko Pops!, and nearly all other popular collectibles

• Each shelf measures 7.25” tall x 18” wide x 4” deep

• Each shelf comes with 1 shelf, 2 legs, 4 metal pegs (So you can stack another Collectishelf on top)

What fans are saying

“If there was an easy, simple solution to clutter for collectors, then this is it. Collectishelf is affordable, sturdy, and incredibly easy to assemble. It looks amazing too.” - Jordan P.

”I love knowing my collectibles are safe and not gonna fall over and it’s a shelf that you can constantly add to instead of having to buy a new one entirely.

Collectishelf also allows for display in AND out of box. You to do whatever you want with them - they can be for pops, for regular figures, or models. They are essential to any collector. I want like 50 of them!”

- Alex M., owner of 3 Collectishelf (so far)

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What can it hold?
Most popular collectibles! If you're a Funko Pop! collector, it can hold three (3) boxed Pops and up to six (6) unboxed. It's also great for vintage figures, other collectibles and knick knacks, and statuettes from companies like Kotobukiya.

How much weight can it hold?
At least 15 lbs. For reference, a Ninja Turtle figure is ~.8 ounces and a Funko Pop! figure is ~5 ounces.

What's it made out of?
ABS mold-injected plastic. The same material and process as LEGO. This thing is sturdy.

How much weight can it support?
We personally stress-tested the model before going into production, and it withheld 20+ pounds of force.

How high can I stack it?
We had it stacked eight high at New York Comic Con in the middle of a table and it did great! Check it out how we had the display on Instagram. Usually, Collectishelf will be against a wall, so there's added support there too.

Does it come in any colors?
Not yet, but we have some ideas we're exploring. ;)

Will it topple over?
Not unless you push it over - or you have a really grumpy cat.

Designed For You

Collectishelf was designed by a lifelong collector, for collectors.

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